J'étudie l'empreinte mémoire de mes logiciels. Mon client Gopher en Ruby de 111 lignes avec trois `require` utilise déjà 106 Mo de RAM alors qu'il n'est pas totalement fonctionnel.
Le navigateur Gopher VF-1 de @solderpunk utilise 37 Mo.
Le navigateur pour terminal Lynx utilise 18 Mo.

@KillianKemps I am quite embarrassed by that figure, really! Considering how simple Gopher and VF-1 are it feels a bit excessive. But the size of the Python interpreter puts a lower limit on just how memory efficient Python programs can be. Perhaps try Stubb (written in Lua, with a tiny interpreter, see rawtext.club/~sloum/stubb.html) or Bombadillo (written in Go end hence compiled, see rawtext.club/~sloum/bombadillo)?


@solderpunk Thanks for your suggestions!

I tried Bombadillo and I saw a RAM usage of 477 Mo while opening gopherpedia.com (I'm doing all my tests with gopherpedia.com) and it increased to even 625 Mo just by scrolling the homepage. 😮

Then I tried Stubb and this time I saw a RAM usage of 6 Mo which is much better.

I don't know why Bombadillo takes so much RAM, maybe Go programs are like this?

I take this opportunity to tell you that I really like to read your phlog!

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