Sounds like the Telegram disaster that was threatening to happen for years is finally hitting the fan:

For those who might be new to this, wrote this 8 years ago:

It is the second time I finished to read @neauoire 's and @rek 's "Busy Doing Nothing" book after almost two years since the first time.

I loved to follow their adventures on their sailboat and trying to feel what they might feel facing the big waves and sometimes feeling bored. I recommend this read if you wish to take a step back from your daily routine and to think again what might be essential to live.

Now I must try their recipes to cook simple and good meals.

Les #Ceméa recrutent un "assistant" chef de projet (PMO) pour soutenir la transformation et modernisation de l'organisme de formation (Deffinum :, avec beaucoup d'outils libres dedans sur 3 ans (et d'autres projets à venir). MP si besoin d'infos. Appel à candidature :

Ce jeudi au Fablab Lannion : de 14h à 17h, un après midi de conférence et de démonstration autour de l’électronique libre et de la donnée dans le domaine agricole!


Major #GDPR fine by, overruling € 380 million instead of € 28 million.

Meta prohibited from using personal data for ads without user consent.

All details:


Someone who works at Meta reached out and advised me to rename the filters asap.

Imagine being sued over css 😅 #pixelfed

Instagram is trying to intimidate us with threats of legal action.

Help us bring awareness to our project by sharing this post, and consider donating if possible.

We're not giving up. #fediverse

Donc, pour résumer :
— on ne pourra plus envoyer de lettre prioritaire de manière confidentielle ;
— on ne pourra plus envoyer des originaux (chèques, feuilles de soin, contrats…) par courrier avec la garantie de les voir distribués en une journée ;
— ça pose des problèmes pour les personnes qui n’ont pas accès au numérique ou ne savent pas s’en servir ;
— une copie numérique de la lettre sera archivée pendant un an.

Je suis sans voix 😐.

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Since folks asked what happens whenever I opt out of facial recognition, I documented it for you while going through US border patrol.

Coming out of the flight there was a row of kiosks for facial biometric capture. There were no people. Just kiosks. So I kept walking.

The next point of contact was the passport agents at their desks. Agent A asked me, “Did you take your photo at the kiosk?” I said, “No, I am opting out of biometric facial recognition.” And the agent asked, “Why?”


Ce sera bientôt les 10 ans de la disparition du regretté Aaron Swartz, le 11 janvier 2013 à l'âge de 26 ans.

Trop peu connu des élèves, étudiants et professeurs, je me suis permis d'y recopier ci-dessous le clip réalisée par France Culture en 2020 qui constitue une excellente entrée pour découvrir sa vie, son œuvre et ses luttes qui demeurent ô combien d'actualité.

Le 11 janvier prochain, parlons d'Aaron Swartz tout autour de nous !

#AaronSwartz #AaronSwartzDay

Currently testing the new Flex Layout @penpot beta feature! I found a few bugs, but it looks very promising 🧐

The absence of this feature is the only obstacle that prevents me from making it my main design tool at the moment. When it will be ready, I think I will say bye-bye to Figma 👋

#Penpot #OpenSource #OpenDesign #WebDesign #UI #Figma

the sad reality of open source software development

In short: folks love the amazing decentralised encrypted comms utopia of Matrix. But organisations also love that they can use it without having to pay anyone to develop or maintain it. This is completely unsustainable, and Element is now literally unable to fund the entirety of the Matrix Foundation on behalf of everyone else - and has had to lay off some of the folks working on the core team as a result.

Hey, I am now looking for a job in Paris area / remote!
I'm a Senior Front-end Engineer with 10 years of experience with a strong focus on performance and security.
Please feel free to reach out!

Happy Christmas Lastpass users! Hope you don't mind everyone knowing which websites you have credentials for! 🤯

Lichen, my ultra-minimal web CMS based on #gemtext, is now rebuilt as #Forth CGI scripts!
- No more PHP
- Simpler server config
- Works as static site generator if you desire

À ce jour, nous estimons qu'il nous manque 39 150 € pour atteindre l'objectif de notre campagne de dons 2022 et pouvoir débuter 2023 sereinement.

Merci de partager cet appel aux dons pour qu'il trouve celles et ceux d'entre nous qui pourront et voudront nous aider à boucler notre budget.

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