Hey hey, ever wonder what we'll be working on next? We published a roadmap for backend development - there's even a video matrix.org/blog/2019/02/15/pub

RT @RiotChat@twitter.com: THIS IS IT!! Riot/Web is OUT OF BETA!!! Brand new design, new login, new settings, new room list, encryption key backup & emoji-powered device verification 🍌🐧🔑🤖🙂🚂🙂 check it out now at riot.im/app and read all the glorious details at medium.com/@RiotChat/the-big-1

🐦🔗: twitter.com/RiotChat/status/10

I hope at a certain point we will have an OS that let you connect an #ActivityPub account and all the installed apps that implement AP C2S as client to make you automatically login as it happens with Google account on Android with GMail, YouTube etc.

But for that we need:
- platforms like Mastodon, PeerTube etc implement server-side AP C2S protocol
- clients for those platforms that implement client-side AP C2S
- (on Linux) a Freedesktop standard to manage online accounts working with Flatpak

@Jami after bruno pagani updated the arch packages for #jami (ring-gnome and deps. thanks bruno!), i linked my ring/jami account from old phone and tested the desktop client. i've been following this project since early sflphone days and this is the first time i've gotten it to fully work and it worked great. better than my freeswitch server/csip simple combo. way to be jami devs! this is a nice application.

La messagerie libre Ring s'appelle maintenant Jami !

Je considère ça comme une bonne nouvelle car avant il était difficile de le retrouver sur les moteurs de recherche.

C'est peut-être aussi l'occasion pour moi de l'essayer à nouveau si sa fiabilité s'est améliorée.


Mon dernier article (ça faisait longtemps) expliquant la conversion de mon site web en site statique.

« Reconversion du site web en statique avec Hugo »


Nouvelle bande-dessinée sur mon blog « Fusion technologique »

N'hésitez pas à me faire des retours car je dois encore m'améliorer !


"Scuttlebutt an alternative to Facebook"

Good article describing how hard it can be to quit Facebook. Also suggesting ScuttleButt as a peer-to-peer alternative.


Which is better?
Delete your Facebook account without being sure if your data is really deleted?
Or keep your Facebook account but without using it?

There is also this issue that your "friends" can still tag you on pictures. So if you still have an account, at least you can manually remove these tags.

J'ai dessiné une nouvelle planche appelée « Fusion technologique ».

Est-ce que vous trouvez le message compréhensible ? Est-ce qu"il y a des améliorations graphiques à faire ?

J'ai dessiné une nouvelle planche appelée « Fusion technologique ».

Est-ce que vous trouvez le message compréhensible ? Est-ce qu"il y a des améliorations graphiques à faire ?

Il y a tellement d'incidents en rapport avec les données personnelles chaque jour, que je n'ai pas besoin d'aller chercher loin pour faire ma veille.

L'info vient toute seule depuis des sources grand public.

Dernier en date, des données médicales de personnes contaminées par le VIH ont fui du ministère de la Santé de Singapour : cnn.com/2019/01/28/health/hiv-

Psst...don't tell anyone, but we have a new release candidate for Synapse v0.99.0rc2, v0.99 is the final minor version ahead of the upcoming v1.0 release. It contains all the S2S r0 API work which we need to test before declaring 1.0, help much appreciated github.com/matrix-org/synapse/

#PeerTube is a free open alternative to YouTube:


It's federated through ActivityPub, so you can follow PeerTube channels on Fediverse sites like Mastodon etc.

It uses peer-to-peer technology so even viral videos won't bring an instance down. The more people watch, the more bandwidth they contribute.

There are several apps:

-#Mastalab ( @tom79 ), also works with Mastodon

-#PeerTubePlayer, on #Fdroid and Play

-#P2Play, under development at @p2play


Ça c'est bien 😊
« RGPD : des députés veulent déconnecter données de santé et assurances »

Le député Daniel Fasquelle et plusieurs de ses collègues ont déposé une proposition de loi visant à interdire l’usage des données personnelles collect...


How to setup a VPN server using WireGuard (with NAT and IPv6) hostux.news/posts/382

Do you know a solution to synchronize data between several devices without an Internet connection? Offline?

I would like to see if it is for example possible to share bookmarks between several computers without having to maintain a server (or "cloud").

I thought of using a USB drive between the computers. Or an external hard drive with Bluetooth.

I'm currently trying Shiori as a bookmark manager which is a simple Go binary with a SQLite database.

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