Any advice on self-hosted software for family video "meetings"/chats?

I have seen a few people recommend BigBlueButton over Jitsi Meet but its interface doesn't seem to fit this use.

Maybe an interface on top of Janus? The Janus resources page lists two "complete applications": jangouts & roomler. Not sure they would fit this simple group video chat usage though.

It would be helpful if anyone has any recommendation on the subject. Thanks!

Whether you use Snikket currently or not, we have a community survey live to help us get some feedback and prioritize the next steps for the project:

Looking forward to hearing from you all! 🙂

We're *really* excited to announce the sponsorship of end-to-end encrypted group chats (OMEMO) in Siskin, the #ios #xmpp client! One step closer to an excellent XMPP experience on Apple devices :)

Added a new page to our website with an overview of the project and its goals:

May help answer "What is Snikket about?" for some of you!

Do have people feedback with M/monit ( as a monitoring dashboard?

I'm using Monit for alerting and it's doing the job, but I'm missing a page for checking the current state of all the servers.

I'm already tracking my time with TaskWarrior and TimeWarrior for work.
But, I find it too complicated to track the time I spend for each email in Timewarrior

I would like to know how much time I spend answering emails.
Do you know about a plugin that can track the time I spend in Thunderbird for each email I write ?

salut les :mastodon: !
j'ai une #question concernant #bigbluebutton Un peu d'aide /retour/repouet est la bienvenue...

BBB redimensionne les diapos des diaporamas ce qui occasionne des chevacuchements d'images/textes etc.
ma question est :
Quelle résolution/ratio maximale doit avoir le fichier en natif pour ne pas être redimensionné ?

(j'espère avoir été clair)

Are you a #ThinkPad enthusiast? We got you!

Hardened #T430 with Measured Boot (#Coreboot, #Heads) and pre-installed #Linux (also Qubes OS!) coming soon. :)

#opensource #itsecurity

What do you know as a good FOSS alternative to Zoom as a Service?

I found BigBlueMeeting, but I see that even on the biggest plan, webcams are limited to 16 users simultaneously.

Existe-il des bonnes alternatives libres à Zoom comme BigBlueButton en Saas ? Comment est-ce que les deux solutions se comparent-elles ?

J'ai trouvé BigBlueMeeting par exemple, et on voit qu'on est généralement limités à 16 webcams par serveur même si le serveur peut avoir 66 personnes en simultané.

🚗 Combien coûte ma caisse ?

Une tentative de comptabilité pour mon véhicule.

Ça intéresserait quelqu'un une déclinaison personnalisable ? 🤔

Finally (for now!), we just rolled out the latest version of the Android app to F-Droid and Google Play. Find out more about what's in the 2.9.0 release in our blog post:

Next up will be some updates to the Snikket server. Stay tuned!

Secondly, Snikket is now backed by an actual organisation. This is exciting news... it will allow us to more easily pursue grants for our activities, and to receive donations (thanks @Liberapay !) from people who wish to support the project.

Read our blog post for more info on the organisation, and why we chose to establish it as a Community Interest Company:

Firstly, we've given our site a much-needed update. It was mostly untouched since originally putting it together in time for launching the demo at FOSDEM (oops).

But now, most importantly, we have a blog! - There are already a few posts there about where the project is coming from, and going to.

If you've been meaning to dust off your RSS reader for a while, there has never been a better time :)

Question sécurité :
On peut utiliser un VPN pour protéger sa connexion lorsqu'on est sur un réseau Wifi partagé avec d'autres personnes.
Est-ce utile d'utiliser un VPN lorsqu'on est connecté à Internet via la 4G ?

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