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KillianKemps @KillianKemps

I discovered this website about self hosting. It seems nice to have a dedicated website to help spread knowledge about available softwares and to give tips how to self-host.

@KillianKemps I think this is a great idea. But I wonder if rather than focusing on the self/individualthere might be in between models where a group of people get together to cooperatively create a web hosting space. I'm thinking of sites like (but perhaps on a smaller scale than) or It's not just a technical problem, but a social one too?

@edsu Yeah I think I understand what you mean. It is more reliable and easy to manage its web services with a group.
I agree with you, it would be more sustainable and we should encourage this kind of initiatives.

For example @Framasoft has created the CHATONS movement, where small groups of people offer services.

Here the website of CHATONS (I'm not sure if the English translation works well)


Unfortunately, the English localization of this website is still WIP...