Purism's laptops are getting more and more popular and that's good news!

They build laptops with Linux installed and privacy in mind.
They also designed a tablet pc "Transformer" with Linux.

A good initiative to support!

"Purism’s Security Focused Librem Laptops Go Mainstream as General Availability Begins"

@KillianKemps I had one of their laptops. I hope their build quality is better than the one I had and ended up needing to replace shortly after purchase.

I also hope they adopt HardenedBSD instead of Linux, since the state of security on Linux isn't that great.

@lattera @KillianKemps

Honestly, a laptop vendor adopting at least a version of ANY BSD would be successful. Let's hope it happens! :)

There is some work ahead of us to make that happen though.

@liate @lattera @KillianKemps

It's got some FreeBSD bits inside, the IPC is firmly on the Mach side though :). There are a couple of other changes in the details of how things work due to the different assumptions that were made in the kernel design.

All in all, it's similar enough to share code between the two, but I wouldn't really call it a pure BSD.

@lattera I never tried a Purism laptop, but if you say they are not well built, it is a little bit disappointing.

I'm used to Thinkpads, and I like their build quality. I hope some Linux laptop vendor will approach this build quality one day.

@KillianKemps my Dell Precision 7510 shipped with Linux. Even though I replaced Linux with HardenedBSD, I love the laptop. Best system I've ever owned.

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