I'm looking for a good tool to archive and organize links and articles I find on the Web. Something open source which I could install on my own server very easily. The best would be to also allow books and annotations ".annot" to make references easy.

I currently use Wallabag, but I find it difficult to search through the archived articles. You can't do advanced search with multiple tags and dates.

I also use Zotero which I really like because you can add tags and it also automatically detects some. You can also easily generate a bibliography with the right citation when you need to write a paper.
However, even though it is open source, the Zotero developers don't seem to be keen to help people to install the server-side on their server.


I also know about WorldBrain's Memex, but they are still in heavy development and I don't like the spirit to have an extension that scans everything you browse. I want to control which page I archive.

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