How difficult is it to install and maintain a XMPP server like Prosody and a Matrix server like Synapse?

Can someone tell the hardware requirements to run Prosody and Synapse?

I looks like Prosody is easy to install and configure.
On the other side Synapse is maybe more resource-intensive.

@KillianKemps prosody is easy to configure and install and requires almost no ressources
synapse is a pain to install, configure and maintain, and eats ram like... idk, it eats a lot of ram

@wxcafe @KillianKemps prosody is easy and need like no work to maintain.

Synapse on another hand,,,,

Well tbh I find matrix somewhat cool, but synapse is ineffecient as possible, it needs like 1GB of RAM I think

@wxcafe @KillianKemps
Not in my experience. Prosody and synapse are both easy to install and configure. Synapse eats ram only if you connect to giant rooms (1000+ people). #Matrix ecosystem is way more user Friendly than XMPP. I ditched XMPP 1 year ago.

@KillianKemps #Matrix and #XMPP are a bit different also in terms of protocols - the former is more of a distributed database, the latter a more traditional federated protocol, with less complexity.

Depends what you're after. I like the fact that with Matrix I don't lose anything if my server is down for a while, I get access to history before I joined a room and rooms don't have a central owner.

@KillianKemps But of course that is part of the reason Synapse is more resource intensive. I would recommend personally a 2GB server with Postgres database - you'll be good for a long time 👍

It takes some time initially to setup Prosody with all “modern” features (see e.g.:

On the other hand once setup it just works and requires no maintenance.

Prosody currently uses 164 MB on my VPS and it’s running for 2 months now.

You may also want to look at ejabberd. I’ve seen people run it on Raspberry Pi and handle tests with thousands of users. It should also be easier to setup in a “modern” way.

See you later! 👋

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