I really liked your take on Snikket! As far as I’ve seen due to COVID the development has really been slowed down. I like the idea (it suits my use-case of family server) but I hope more clients will be supported (most notably iOS and desktops).

You could make a more articles about various clients for XMPP (Conversations.im, Dino.im) as I’ll be definitely sharing your Snikket article with whoever wants to setup XMPP server quickly.

@wiktor Thanks! I will try to write more articles about XMPP

I think so too that we need at least an iOS client and maybe a web client which could be used on GNU/Linux, Mac OS and Windows. I think that's how Slack and Riot began on desktop also.

@caius @snikket_im From what I read audio-video calls are supported on Conversations, but not yet on Snikket mobile app nor on Snikket's server app.

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