If we would like to use an "ecological" or at least the most-resource-saving protocol on Internet for exchanging text and files and which is secure, what could it be?

Gopher is quite simple, but has no security.

Gemini integrates with TLS, but doesn't allow to know the file's size before downloading. I think it is better to be able to choose to download according to the file size.

HTTPS allows maybe too much overhead and too much linked resources.

@julienxx Right! It may be as simple as using SFTP.

We could have a SFTP space with SFTP logs.

Is SFTP already used like this?

@KillianKemps I believe it is on some tildes. A more energy efficient protocol would currently be Scuttlebutt

@julienxx You think Scuttlebutt is more energy efficient than SFTP?

The thing is, from what I tried, the Patchwork client is developed in Electron and is quite resource intensive. Also there is this synchronization step at the beginning for Patchwork and Manyverse which uses a lot too.

I like the ability to exchange offline and to synchronize later, but on the client-side at least it seems quite resource-intensive.

@KillianKemps I can only suppose since it’s peer to peer without a server running 24/24. Never tried it so I can’t say about the clients but there are non-JS ones being developed

@KillianKemps @julienxx That's an implementation detail though. I'm not sure sftp and scuttlebutt are really comparable: The former is a file transfer protocol that requires both parties to be immediately connected. The latter provides an append-only message log with limited routing capabilities for asynchronous data transfers.

@DHeadshot It is an interesting idea, I think SFTP would be even a little bit better because the data goes into the same SSH connection.

I had thought SFTP, but I thought SSH's encryption used more power than TLS? Maybe it could be possible to use the old Simple File Transfer Protocol over TLS, since that's single stream too?
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