More I look into SourceHut and more I like the design choices. It feels simple, straight to the point.

However, I haven't created an account yet to try it more. I'm still thinking that I would like to use an European alternative to Github/Gitlab on which GDPR would apply.

Is there any initiative to have an European-hosted instance of SourceHut?

I would love to quit Github and others to this European-hosted SourceHut and I'm keen to pay the monthly fee.

@winniehell @Framasoft Yes I know this Gitlab instance and I use it for some projects, but I'm looking to move to another service because Framasoft encourages people to go on other services and to avoid to centralize on their services.

@winniehell @KillianKemps hi! No monthly fee, our NGO(*) is funded by member contributions and donations.

(*) legal entity is e.V. according to German law

@codeberg @winniehell Thanks, I know Codeberg and I'm interested to maybe use it, but until now I preferred a paid hosting service because I feel it may be more durable than a service which can receive a random amount of donations.

@KillianKemps @winniehell <irony alert="
reason for founding Codeberg e.V. was that commercial startups turned out to be even more exposed to buyout risk than previously expected, ensuring durability is primary purpose, reason for existence, raison d'etre ;)
" />

More seriously, we wrote our bylaws along the lines of those of Wikimedia and FSFE, primarily because those are battle-proven and turned out to be more stable than pretty much all commercial ventures.

We get your point. These are our concerns.

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