So, I bought a feature phone with KaiOS ( If I decline the Terms and conditions of the service, the phone is unusable.

What am I expected to do? Go back to the shop to have it refund?

Shouldn't the Terms and Conditions have to be accepted even before buying something? (Well I know, if it's a gift for somebody else, it is not so a good idea…)

@KillianKemps Few years ago, I bought a Huawei phone with Android. I had to accept the Huawei licence to use it. I declined, so the phone can't be used. I returned it to the shop.
They told be they apply the usual refund for used devices (90% refund) but I argued that I could not use the phone with that license, and it is impossible to check the license agreement before actually buying, opening, booting and interact with the device. They accepted the 100% refund.

@Xinfe Good that the shop accepted to fully refund you!

I will try to use the phone by searching for a solution that blocks unwanted outside requests.

@KillianKemps accept then flash the phone with another OS. That's what I do, but I don't know if it's possible with a feature phone.

@tursiops Yes I think I will do something like this. I found GerdaOS ( which seems to be just the good fork for KaiOS for my phone.

But, in my previous toot, I was asking how it should happen in the legal way. I find it quite abusive to buy something and then to read that if you don't accept some parts of the terms, you just can't use it.

@KillianKemps well ot doesn't surprise me ;) I suppose I got used to it.

@KillianKemps same for Google OS aka Android with GooglePlay services.

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