What is the easiest way to have a Matrix account with its own domaine name?

I don't want to manage a Matrix server by myself for the moment.

Element Matrix Services allows to have a custom subdomain to, but not a custom full domain name. (

@KillianKemps They do support a custom fqdn, I don't see how to get to it through their web app. Maybe try contacting their support?

@jcgruenhage I just sent them an email about their Nickel plan. I will wait for their answer.

@jcgruenhage I received the answer: "Absolutely, the subdomain you are referring to ( will be the delegated URL to your Matrix server (the URL where your server is available on the internet). But this URL does not have to be the same as the URL that is a part of your Matrix user IDs. To configure this, enable Custom DNS on step 3 of the EMS host setup wizard, enter your domain and follow instructions given."

So, it seems possible to use a custom domain with EMS' Nickel plan.

Dazu hatten wir vor einiger Zeit einen Austausch:

Bisher leider wenig Optionen.

Ich hätte gerne einen selbst updatenden #snap oder einen erschwinglichen Hoster.

@nurinoas Für Moment ich denke Matrix ist zu kompliziert zum selbst hosten. Ich warte dass der Dendrite Server stabil bekommt.

Ich hoffe, wir bekommen bald neue Hosters.

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