What do you know as a good FOSS alternative to Zoom as a Service?

I found BigBlueMeeting, but I see that even on the biggest plan, webcams are limited to 16 users simultaneously.

@KillianKemps no visio with camera in BBB with 80+ people, but not in full HD

@madsugar Jitsi is good when you are 4 users but not more. With more users, you get connection and performance issues.

@KillianKemps you can check out our service at (unfortunately our website is in german but just press the "Meeting Starten" button and enter the meetings name and optionally password. :)

@senfcall Thank you for the information. I understand that the service is run by students and is free to use. It may be interesting to use Senfcall for personal usage.

However, I'm looking for a paid service to be used inside a company. I'm technically able to run BigBlueMeeting by myself, but I understand there is a high server cost which is better when it is shared between lots of users.

@KillianKemps we know some german companies offering paid hosting e.g. @collocall , they also offer exclusive servers. The webcam pagination feature is actually something that is important for reducing the ressource requirements on the client side. The more cameras are received simultaneously, the more bandwidth and CPU power is used.

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