It's good to store your app's secrets in an Ansible Vault to avoid Git to take it in clear.
It's less good when you forgot the Vault's password.

@KillianKemps Try Hashicorp's Vault and gopass for a change .. I've found both of them to be a stunning match for storing secrets in diverse environments


@moritzheiber Thank you, I will maybe give gopass a try, I only knew the simple UNIX pass.
For Hashicorp's Vault, I think it is too big for me in order to use it for my personal projects, but I will keep it on a side for sure when I will feel the need.

@KillianKemps Honestly, it's pretty simple to use once you've gottan the jist of it, and it supports a simple file structure for storing secrets at rest (plug, you can run it in a simple container). It's an incredible timesaver if you need to manage a CA or database credentials :)

I usually encourage people to just take a short look and dabble with with, it sure pays off in the end, even in smaller contexts

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