Est-ce que vous savez combien de temps en administration systèmes cela prend pour faire fonctionner un @ChatonsOrg avec une centaine d'utilisateurs ? J'imagine que ça dépend des services proposés.

Je réfléchis comment ça peut être possible d'avoir un CHATONS avec des bénévoles sans que ça ne prenne trop de temps personnel.

Peut-être qu'il serait plus facile de lancer des nouvelles AMAP du numérique si ça prenait moins de temps ?

Do you know about an alternative to AWS RDS, a DBaaS? European and affordable?

I think if there is a good European hosting provider offering this service it will help people to host their own services.

I would love to host services on my server and not having to care too much about the data because I would be confident that backups and minor version updates are automatically made.

It also means the hosting provider should allow you to have an internal network.

I think I have a federation issue on my Mastodon instance.

It's already been some days I had no interactions with people, only being followed. And when I send messages, it seems it is not displayed on other Mastodon instances.

Do you see my toot somewhere?

Finally updated Mastodon to the latest 2.4.5 version! And this time without big migration issues.

I still had to fix some columns which were already created from last time I tried to update. But now everything is fine.

First time having issues upgrading Mastodon.

I first tried to upgrade to v2.4.3 but I got this issue:

Then I tried to upgrade to v2.4.2, but I got a weird issue : "[FATAL tini (5)] exec rails failed: No such file or directory"

So, I restored the database to remove the migrations introduced by v2.4.3 and now I came back to 2.3.3.

I will wait some time before trying again v2.4.3

At least it works with the current setup.

J'ai bien fait d'avoir activé les emails sur mon serveur. Ça faisait quelques mois qu'une partie de mes sauvegardes ne fonctionnaient plus, depuis que j'ai fait une manip'.
Et là, cron m'a envoyé un email pour m'informer de l'erreur pendant la sauvegarde.

Je suis content d'avoir fait un tour sur mes serveurs ce week-end pour améliorer le monitoring 😅

So, just for fun I wrote a one-liner bash command to alert by email in case of more than 79% disk usage on '/':

df -h | grep "/$" | awk '{ print $5 }' | grep "^[0-7][0-9]%" > /dev/null || echo "Issue with disk space above treshold" | mail -s "Alert: disk space"

I may start with this in a cron instead of installing and configuring a bunch of software.

Les personnes qui vous auto-hébergez, êtes-vous généralement satisfaits de l'installation de vos serveurs ? Ou êtes-vous dans le souci continuel de tout mieux réinstaller ?

I upgraded Mastodon to the latest 1.4.6 and again no issue!

I did the whole update in just 17 min, including a backup before (yes, I timed it)

Great work @gargron !

It's good to store your app's secrets in an Ansible Vault to avoid Git to take it in clear.
It's less good when you forgot the Vault's password.

Hop, migrated to Mastodon 1.4.1 with Docker!
Again, I had no special issue while doing the upgrade.
The only thing is that I had a limited storage on my server, so I had to upgrade my server.
The Mastodon team is doing a great work!

Toujours faire des backups sur son serveur, en faire plusieurs et les vérifier !

Je viens de me rendre compte qu'une des sauvegardes qui envoyait sur OpenStack Swift ne marchait plus car j'avais changé le mot de passe.

Heureusement je faisais aussi des sauvegardes en local :sweat_smile:

This article may be interesting for those who want a better managed infrastructure for their instance.

"Where is our “Package Manager for the Cloud”?"

Question: what is the cheapest hardware available to run Mastodon?

My current instance in on a VPS
1 vCore 2,4Gz / 2GB RAM / 10GB SSD

The problem I have is when I first installed Mastodon, I've built several times the Docker images and after three times or so it failed because of a lack of space.

I don't have a problem of scale because there are not lot of people on the server.

Do you think it is doable to keep this hardware or should I upgrade? And how?

J'ai écrit un article sur l'auto-hébergement il y a quelques semaines qui pourrait intéresser les utilisateurs de Mastodon qui souhaitent se lancer dans l'aventure :

Qowala's Mastodon

Welcome to Qowala's Mastodon instance!
Here, we love open source and we study and work on social networks so naturally we also host a Mastodon instance.
Friendly people are welcome, but as this is a small server, there are limited available slots. So, choose wisely to join or not.